Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review: YourTea 28 Day TeaTox

Sorry for the mini hiatus... I've been so busy!

As promised, here is my review for the 28 day teatox from YourTea. (you can purchase it from here) The box itself cost $55.00 USD (they also ship internationally to a few different locations) and shipping took approximately 4 days.  You drink the tea three times a day, 30 minutes before each meal.

I began the teatox on Monday, April 28 and completed it on Monday, May 26.  I've previously completed a 14 day teatox in February and knew what to expect, but 28 days was a lot more challenging.  I only ate clean about 80% of the time and drank alcohol a few times (I can count how many times on 1 hand) due to birthdays and other celebrations.  However, I consistently worked out 5-6x a week.

Before: Monday, April 28
After: Monday, May 26

+ Reduced my bluff and bloating
+ Lost approximately 3 pounds
+ Clearer, less oily skin
+ I had more energy throughout the day
+ The teabags are individually wrapped which made it a lot easier to handle than loose leaves

- Hot water wasn't always easily accessible for me 
- The tea itself isn't very tasty, I was used to it
- It was inconvenient to schedule meals because I had to drink it at least 30 minutes before I ate

I would definitely do another teatox, but I'll stick to a 14 day teatox next time.  I'm going to continue clean eating, taking supplements, and consistently workout, so hopefully I'll be at my goal body sooner than later!

I really did lose 3 pounds (referring to my previous post),
- A

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

28 Day YourTea Teatox

Teatoxing is the latest trend in health and weight loss.  It's a way to detox and cleanse your body and possibly lose some weight, while also maintaining a clean diet and regular exercise (at least 3-5 times a week).  I completed a 14 day teatox in mid-March and it was semi-successful... it did reduce my bloating and I lost 2 pounds, but it was tough to stay away from certain foods (although I didn't have a problem giving up alcohol whatsoever).  Plus, the teatox (I won't name the company) came in loose leaves which was difficult to deal with on a daily basis.

This time around, I'm challenging myself to a 28 day teatox by YourTea.  I began on Monday, April 28.  It comes with 84 individually wrapped teabags (for the lazy girl inside me) and at first -- it tasted like crap.  It's only been 3 days and I'm already used to it -- it's bearable, but still doesn't taste amazing (yet).

I'll post progress pictures and give a full review of it when I'm done next month.  Wish me luck!

I really wanna lose 3 pounds (just kidding, Mean Girls reference),
- A

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Every year since I was 18, I told myself that I would save enough money to go to Miami for Ultra (or at least during Ultra week).  7 years later, I find myself despising festivals due to their ever growing popularity.  I liked EDM before it was considered "cool."  I remember seeing artists who played in small rooms with big sounds... and I still love the old school beats over the new school songs. Nowadays, it's just all about massive crowds, drug induced partying, sold out shows, mainstream hits, and questioning DJs who use MacBooks (do you even DJ bro?) instead of real turntables.

Anyway, it took me 7 years to finally visit Miami (excluding the airport) for the first time.  And I went during Ultra week!  After 96 hours of almost straight partying, I am finally 100% recovered.  I found myself comparing the city a lot to other party scenes (Vegas, NYC, LA) but it was definitely different (Vegas is still my #1 favorite place to party).  I've never seen so many beautiful people in one place in my life!  And I've never seen so many DJs in one place...  I can finally understand why Miami is their "scene."

I'll definitely go to Miami again... but maybe I'll cut it down to 72 hours next time around.

Alesso at LIV

Partied out,
- A

Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Job and Another Year Older

As referenced in my last post, I was clearly going through cabin fever.

Life works in funny ways... because two weeks after that post -- I interviewed, received, and accepted a new job offer.  I'll have to admit that it was pretty sneaky maneuvering my current schedule to attend interviews, but I managed to do it.  Although I was actively looking, I didn't really put too much effort into it at first until someone told me that my resume looked boring and since they were a manager, they would pass it over if they saw it.  So that night, I spent a good 3 hours editing and formatting it and resubmitting it.  The calls and emails began to flood.  I had phone screenings, phone interviews, and in-person interview offers.

I was afraid to submit my two weeks at my current job, but like a bandaid -- I just pulled it off.  I'm sad to leave because I enjoy being around the people I work with and I have major flexibility, but I'm ready to move onto my next challenge.  It's also a benefit that the perks for the new job are 1,000x better!

In addition to a new job, I also turned another year older (yay?).  I definitely feel a year older, but everything has been great so far.  I'm thankful for all of those who have celebrated with me and those who have contributed towards my birthmonth.  I'm really lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

Another year older,
- A

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quarter Life Crisis

In the midst of #Snowmageddon2014, my cabin fever has struck and my current quarter-life crisis has been hitting me pretty hard these past few hours.  Although I've been feeling this way for the past few weeks, I came to the realization that I don't have an idea of what I want to do in my career.
  • Yes, I was accepted into the Virginia Tech MBA program... but I'm already $40,000+ in debt from undergrad, and after reading about the average salary of an MBA graduate, it really isn't much of a difference than someone else in the business field without a bachelor's degree plus certifications on top of it.  Plus, I don't get any tuition reimbursement from my job whatsoever due to the certain parameters of my position at my company -- so what's the point in putting myself in more debt?  
  • Yes, I'm supposed to retake my Series 7... but honestly, I do not have much interest in the finance field -- and I never did before.  No matter how much I read about stocks and mutual funds.  It bores me to death and I can't imagine a career in it for the rest of my life.  I'll admit that watching the movie "Wolf of Wall Street" hyped me up for a little bit, but for obvious reasons (if you've watched the movie), that lifestyle won't happen to me.  
I know you're thinking that I must sound like a pessimist, but I don't really enjoy what I do as a job anymore.  I was offered a full-time position when I graduated, and being the desperate college student I was, I took the offer and ignored any other potential careers.

It's time for a change now... I need to figure out my niche... and I'm ready to move onto the next chapter of my life.


Wish me luck,
- A

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Social Media Pet Peeves

Most social media platforms are blocked and I have crappy cell reception at work (1-2 bars max) so I don't really check as often as others during the day nor do I update as much as other people.  I can use the work WiFi on my iPad Mini and occasionally I'll go through my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds whenever I have a free moment... but during my free time outside of work, I would rather do other things instead of sit in front of my computer trolling through people's business.

To each their own and everybody can post however they want, but here are a few of my thoughts during the times that I go through my social media platforms:
  1. If you're in a relationship but you act like you're single, stay single.  It's better for everybody involved.
  2. Liking your own post or comment is like high-fiving yourself in public.
  3. Mirror selfies of your #ootd (outfit of the day) look pretty tacky. (Maybe I'm just used to browsing through fashion blogs and seeing nicer #ootd posts)
  4. If you're constantly preaching about a healthy lifestyle and eating clean, then you should look like you actually follow your own advice.
  5. Same goes for checking in at the gym -- then you should look like you go to there often.
  6. When taking a picture of your food, you should ask yourself if it's artsy enough to be on Instagram.  If not, just stop and consume.  No one wants to see your half eaten burrito.
  7. It's not #tbt/#throwbackthursday if it happened less than 6 months ago.
  8. Curate your photos and pick the best photos to post.  This isn't a camera roll.
  9. Stop ranting about everything that's wrong in your life and do something about it.
  10. The 140 character rule (Twitter rule): Nothing clever or witty happens over 140 characters.

Just my thoughts,
- A

Monday, January 6, 2014

Fitness Motivation

Happy New Year!

My yoga class tonight was full of what I like to call "resolutioners."  On any other week, the classes are only 1/2 to 3/4 packed at the most.  Today, the class was packed from wall to wall.  Although I'm somewhat of a resolutioner myself (because I'm planning to workout at least 5 times a week), I've always had an affinity for hot yoga.  I've been practicing it on and off for almost 7 years now, and every class continues to be challenging for me.  I also took my first "before" progress picture tonight, and will post it when I reach my goal with an "after" picture... hopefully in a few months.  I'm motivated to stick with my goals because I'm looking towards a positive lifestyle change which will result in a healthier, fitter, and happier me.

These are my personal fitness goals for 2014:

1. Complete and hold a handstand in yoga

Image courtesy of

2. Thigh gap

Image courtesy of

3. Gain arm strength

Image courtsey of

4.  Flat stomach

Image courtesy of

5. Perfect the dancer pose in yoga

 Image courtesy of

Here's to a happy, healthy, and safe New Year!

- A